BIFM continues to be part of an international project via the British Standards Institute and chaired by BIFMs previous chairman Stan Mitchell, to develop internationally-recognised standards and terminology in facilities management.


The development of standards in facilities management dates back to 2003. It was launched within Europe to gather different European countries, to develop Facilities Management as a professional discipline and increase recognition. It was determined that to do so we had to start developing standards.

BIFM has been involved from the beginning, through our work within the BSI Facilities Management Committee, representation at a European level within the CEN 348 Technical Committee, and more recently through the establishment of and Chairing the new ISO Technical Committee 267 for Facilities Management.

The UK has also contributed to the work that goes on behind the scenes through providing the Convener to lead the development of the BS EN 15221-2 Guidance of FM Agreements standard and BS EN 15221-7.

Standards Bodies

Standards bodies are organised as follows:

  • International - International Standards Organisation (ISO)
  • Regional - The European Committee for Standardisation (CEN)
  • National - The British Standards Institute (BSI)

European Standards

In 2006 the first two standards in Facilities Management BS EN 15221-1 Terms and Definitions and EN 15221-2 Guidance on How to prepare Facility Management Agreements were published following over two years of development and authorisation via the European Standards processes.

These standards have been accepted by 30 participating countries across Europe.

They were followed by four other standards that were published in 2011

The four additional standards were designed as a prerequisite to the development of a benchmark standard. The four standards are as follows:

  • 15221-3 Quality in Facilities Management
  • 15221-4 Taxonomy of Facilities Management
  • 15221-5 Facilities Management Processes
  • 15221-6 Facilities Management Space Measurement

International Standards

Two facilities management standards were published by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), an independent, non-governmental organisation and developer of international voluntary consensus standards, in April 2017.†The two standards are as follows:

  • ISO 41011:2017, Facility management Vocabulary
  • ISO 41012:2017 Facility management Guidance on strategic sourcing and the development of agreements

ISO standards are available online at ISO expects to publish a third technical report, ISO 41013, Facility management Scope, key concepts and benefits, later in 2017.

Watch our interview with former BIFM chiarman Stan Mitchell to hear him discuss the development of new standards for the FM profession.

The FM Professional Standards

BIFM launched the FM Professional Standards in 2014 to clearly define the competences that are necessary to be a competent facilities management practitioner at all career levels.

Created in consultation with industry stakeholders, experts and professional standards writers, the standards form a global competence model for the profession and can be used to benchmark skills, knowledge and competence for those working at all levels in the FM profession.

You can find more information about the FM Professional Standards here.




The Facilities Management ProfessionalStandards clearly define the competences that are needed at each career level and form a global competence model for the profession.These standards can be used to benchmark skills, knowledge and competence for those working at all levels in the FM profession.

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