RSS Feeds

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.

BIFM’s RSS Feeds allow you to have the latest BIFM content - specifically news and events - delivered direct to your screen or to add it  to your website or intranet.

You’ll need a ’news reader’ such as Feedreader or FeedDemon or a web browser with this function built in such as Mozilla’s Firefox or the new version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (7.0). In IE7 the orange feed icon will ’light up’ in the browser toolbar when you go to the BIFM home page and you can then select which feeds to subscribe to from the dropdown list.

For Google Chrome, you will need to add the RSS subscription extension to view the RS feed.

Or, just click on the orange RSS icons below to subscribe to the feed

RSS - Industry News from FM WorldIndustry News from FM World

RSS - BIFM and Industry NewsBIFM News

RSS - Events from BIFMEvents

RSS - BIFM UpdatesUpdates (combined feed containing news and events)

RSS - BIFM UpdatesJobs from FM-World

NB The feeds will deliver just the headlines - to read the full text users will have to access the BIFM website. To read the full text of industry news they will need to be BIFM members.

Important - conditions of use
Use of BIFM’s RSS Feeds is subject to the Terms & Conditions of this website as well as the conditions set out below:

We require that the proper format and attribution is used when BIFM content appears on a website, intranet or other service. The attribution text should read ’News from BIFM’. You may not use any BIFM logo in connection with the feed.

You may not directly or indirectly charge users specifically for accessing BIFM content or otherwise commercialise such content, nor attempt to re-sell the BIFM content in any way.
You must create a functional link back to the full BIFM content summarised in the RSS feed.

The BIFM does not accept any liability for the use of its RSS feeds.