31 Mar 2014 Partner event: BIFM members get discount on The IET Built Environment Sector Summit on Lighting
Join your peers on the 9 April 2014 and those who have helped in the technical development of the new IET Code of Practice for the Application of LED Lighting System. All attendees receive a complimentary copy of the CoP.
23 May 2012 ThinkFM welcomes Waldmann Lighting Ltd as a sponsor
ThinkFM Conference, which takes place on 18 June 2012, announces Waldmann Lighting Ltd as a sponsor.
27 Aug 2008 Church guide offers green advice protected
A new Church of England guide gives church leaders guidance on reducing the carbon footprints of their congregations.
4 Jun 2008 Half describe office as 'tired' protected
More than half of respondents to a new survey on the state of Britain’s office stock say that their workplace has a negative effect on their productivity levels.
22 May 2008 HSE checks to reveal poor workplaces protected
The HSE said it plans to expose poor workplace facilities across Derbyshire with a series of unannounced checks.


14 Jul 2008 Turning LED into gold
Rumpelstiltskin, the fabled thread-spinning alchemist, was easily able to exploit the inadequacies of those arrogantly promising gold to the king, because despite the talk, they were unable to deliver.
12 Jan 2007 More bright ideas
Lighting designers can always be relied upon to extol the virtues of their profession and try to convince anyone who’ll listen that engaging expensive consultants is the key to improving your work environment.
4 Feb 2005 See the light
People talk about trends in office design and office furniture but it is not something that should be used when referring to lighting. Trend implies a passing fad, a two to three year event based on fashion.


5 - 6 Jun 2018 Managing Building Services - 5-6 June, Bristol - 2 day course
20 - 21 Sep 2018 Managing Building Services - 20-21 September, London - 2 day course


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BIFM UAE - February 2017 CPD event photos
Photo's from the UAE BIFM February CPD Event protected
pdf icon Presentations and Papers
BIFM UAE - Future Designs: LED in the workplace - why forward thinking organisations are making the switch - 1 February 2017
Copy of the CPD presentation given on 1 February 2017, Dubai protected

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