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6 Dec 2017 BIFM raises future migration labour access concerns
BIFM recently held a Leadersí Forum on migration, in light of the existing skills gap across the FM sector, which have been managed in part by access to European Economic Area nationals.
11 Sep 2017 BIFM to Launch Risk and Business Continuity Quick Start Guides
BIFM is to publish a series of informative Quick Start Guides, covering a broad range of risk and resilience areas of relevance to FM professionals.
8 Sep 2017 BIFM calls for evidence-based migration policy post-Brexit
BIFM calls on the Government to ensure that any future migration policy is evidence-based and meets the skills needs of the British economy and its industries
13 Jun 2012 Reforming employment law - fact or fiction?
The recently published and previously leaked report on employment law reform by the Government's red tape adviser, Adrian Beecroft, was said to be made 'to dispel some of the myths'. Find out what is fact and what is fiction?
19 Jul 2011 BIFM supports new code for internships
BIFM has endorsed a new best practice code which aims to improve the quality of workplace internships and access from across the social spectrum.


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pdf icon Reports
FM Leaders' Forum - FM Compliance Discussion Paper
Because there is no universally agreed
framework approach to determining whether
an organisation is or is not compliant, BIFM is
launching a national debate which will
capture the views of people in the industry
on what constitutes compliance. protected
ppt icon Articles
ACAS June 2013 QTD - TUPE
ACAS presentation protected
pdf icon Guides & Briefings
Common Best Practice Code for High-quality Internships
Code for internships covering preparation; recruitment; induction; treatment; supervision and mentoring; and certification, reference and feedback.
pdf icon Presentations and Papers
What impact will the Bribery Act 2011 have on your business? What are the penalties connected with the Equality Act 2011? How do you achieve compliance and best practice for your property?
Bribery Act 2010
Equality Act 2010
Topical Property Issues

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