Associate Grade (ABIFM)

You may be eligible to join BIFM at Associate grade (ABIFM) if you have an FM-related qualification at Level 3 or above or have two years facilities management experience.

Associate grade (ABIFM)

To be awarded this grade of membership you need to meet one of the following criteria:

  • ABIFM route a) Two years facilities management experience at non-management level
  • ABIFM route b) One year’s facilities management experience and a FM related qualification at Level 2 or 3

Supporting Materials

As Associate grade is an assessed level of membership you will be required to supply materials to support your application.  These include:

In addition if you apply you will be required to complete an ABIFM Declaration and submit your qualification certificate (original or certified copy)

Unsure of your entry route?

If you are unsure if this grade of membership or which entry route is appropriate to you then use our diagnostic tool which will help you identify the correct pathway for you.

Membership fees

  • Individual Associate member £180
  • Unemployed concession £49
  • Retired concession £49

Becoming an Associate (ABIFM) for the first time

When you apply to become an Associate member or when you choose to upgrade from Affiliate member you will be required to pay an assessment fee.

ABIFM Assessment fee is £42

The assessment fee is a one – off payment and paid only when you join or first upgrade to this new level.

Please note assessment fees are inclusive of VAT which from 1 January 2011 is charged at 20%.

Paying by Direct Debit

Those paying their membership fees by annual direct debit are eligible to receive a 5% discount.  For Associate grade (ABIFM) this means your membership fee is reduced to £170 per year.

To pay for your membership by direct debit please download our direct debit form at the bottom of this page. Tax relief is available on our membership subscriptions.


If you are unemployed you are eligible to claim a reduced subscription for one year. Please contact the membership department on +44 (0) 1279 712650 or at for more information to check your eligibility.

If you are over 60 and no longer receiving income, you are eligible to apply for a retired concessionary rate of membership.  Again, please contact the membership department for further information.

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