Group Membership

Become a BIFM Investor in FM Professional Development

The BIFM Group Membership Scheme is designed to help employers of facilities management professionals to recognise, reward and support their professional development.† This helps to build strong and effective FM teams.

Through the scheme, you as an employer can nominate team members to become individual members of BIFM. This investment by employers supports the professional development of FMs within their organisation.

Employers can benchmark the competence of FM teams using the membership grading system and the BIFM professional competences. The BIFM membership grading system establishes a pathway for personal development for FM professionals. It gives a framework to ensure FM skills and competences reflect business needs and requirements.

Through the scheme your organisation becomes a BIFM Investor in FM Professional Development. This recognises and signifies your commitment to FM excellence and business improvement through your people.

Key benefits to your organisation

FM team development

The scheme provides a professional development framework for FMs within your organisation, through which you can develop and progress your teamís FM competences.


The scheme is versatile and can be tailored to your organisational needs, working in harmony with and enhancing your existing training and development frameworks and adding value to your talent management programmes.† Ultimately the scheme is about business improvement through employee development.

Retention and recruitment

By offering individual membership of the BIFM as an employee benefit and by fostering the environment of support and development it brings, you can enhance staff retention and drive recruitment. Employees on the scheme have access to the full range of member benefits and feel rewarded, respected and supported.

Corporate profile

As a BIFM Investor in FM Professional Development your organisation clearly demonstrates a commitment to FM excellence, support and development for your people and the delivery of best practice facilities management. This enhances your corporate profile with clients and other stakeholders.

Find out more by viewing our Group Membership Scheme brochure:

View and download the†Group Membership Scheme brochure here

Hear from Group Members on how they use the scheme:

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