Russell Muldoon

Russell Muldoon

Job title

Group finance director



Brief description of the job and key responsibilities:

It’s a broad role, ranging from ensuring that we are paid on time by customers through to managing the integration process of the newly acquired businesses. I also play a part in setting up deals, structuring finance around some of our new contracts and directing the finance and commercial team to help make Europa a much more commercial, dynamic and innovative operation.

How did you find out about the position?

I was approached by Drax, an executive search firm within the support services and private equity markets, to initially work on an interim basis with Europa helping them through the acquisition of UUFM.

What do you like/dislike about it?

The opportunity to set a new benchmark for the industry is fantastic. What I don’t like is the management speak and being tied up in process and jargon. Let’s just focus on high quality service delivery.

Why and when did you join the BIFM?

Just recently. If I am going to be a part of a business that redefines FM I want to be able to mix with BIFM members and share our learning and find out about best practice.

Any interesting tales to tell?

I was the most unfit person I knew three years ago. I took a conscious decision to do something about it and started jogging. By November 2006 I completed the New York marathon and a year to the day after I started running completed three marathons in four days in the Tunisian Sahara. I am currently training to complete my first ‘Ironman’ triathlon in July. Next March I am competing in the Marathon des Sables – “the toughest footrace on earth” – where you cover six full marathons in five days in the Moroccan Sahara while carrying your own food and sleeping bag.