John N Telesford

John N Telesford

Job title

Manager – facilities and support services


Cable and Wireless Grenada

Job description

I am responsible for the management of the company’s diverse property portfolio and fleet, with a focus on operational efficiencies. Some of my key responsibilities are: setting up, measuring and reporting on KPIs relating to facilities; managing health, safety and environment; assisting in the delivery of the business’s strategic plan and negotiating and managing contracts.

What are the best bits?

The diverse nature of the buildings, for example managing the support hard and soft services for technical buildings like exchanges and cell sites, retail outlets, offices and even road side cabinets

How did you get into FM and what attracted you to the industry?

In 2001 I saw the advertisement for an FM at the T.A. Marryshow Community College – it looked like the ideal opportunity to focus my attention on my career path of management with a technical twist. That’s how I got in. I thought that by being in this industry my experience and training in management and technology would be brought together into one job. Well it did and that’s the beauty of the industry to me.

What do you like/ dislike about it?

Like: it brings a lot of knowledge and skills into one place. Dislike: the length of time it is taking for the industry to be recognised professionally.

Why and when did you join the BIFM?

I believe that organisations like the BIFM helps people to develop and to be recognised professionally. I joined the BIFM in January 2006 for exactly these reasons.

What’s been your career high-point to date?

Being selected to present a paper at the Association of Caribbean Higher Education Administrators conference in July 2007, entitled: Towards Best Practices in Sustainable Facilities Management (SFM): Administrating Caribbean Higher Education Facilities of the Future. Researching and teaching FM is the direction I intend to take my career.

How do you relax?

Ironically, I read magazines such as Scientific American, ASHRAE Journal, FM World, Today’s Facility Manager, Solar Energy Journal, Newsweek and Times (featuring global warming and climate change); do some writing and spend some time having a good time with the boys. I also admire the rapid development of my two-year old daughter.