Debra Radley

Debra Radley

Job title

Facilities manager


Inca Digital Printers

Brief description of the job and key responsibilities

My key responsibility is to ensure we deliver customer satisfaction, and value for money by also providing a cost effective service. Three words that best describe my job are: Challenging, spontaneous, rewarding.

How did you find out about the position?

Eight years ago I applied for a position as an office administrator. My company gave me a window of opportunity to progress my career. A year later I was offered the position of office manager. The company soon began to grew quite rapidly and the office manager became the facilities manager.

A brief run-down of your previous roles

Chef; tour operator; cabin crew; recruitment consultant.

Unusual/ challenging aspects of the job:

Dealing with office politics, this can become quite time consuming. People who do not take health and safety seriously, people who moan it’s too cold/hot, stuffy, draughty, bright and gloomy… just the norm in the FM world. My top perk at work is… My team. They work really hard, and without them I would not achieve my goals. My favourite FM phrase is… “Time is money – use it wisely.”

Why and when did you join the BIFM?

I subscribed to the BIFM when I changed my role to FM. I also received further recognition in obtaining MBIFM status. I feel every FM should be part of a professional body helping to gain a better understanding of the FM world.

Do you have any qualifications in FM?

My company has sponsored me to complete a 'Diploma in Energy Management'

What three people, dead or alive, would you invite to a dinner party?

Jamie Oliver, Julie Walters and Richard Branson