How does the scheme work?

The BIFM Group Membership Scheme will form an essential component of your professional development and talent management programmes, with opportunities for individual FMs within your organisation to learn, develop, network and progress.

Map your roles against the BIFM competences and membership grade

Central to BIFM’s work is the development and setting of industry-recognised professional standards in facilities management upon which the membership grading structure is based. BIFM works with your organisation to map different BIFM member grades against the roles in your organisation, showing a progression pathway based on recognised industry standards.

Member grade

Who is it for?

Affiliate Entry level for those who have less than 2 years’ non-management FM experience and/or no qualification in FM or a related subject. It is also relevant for those with an interest in FM but who might not work in FM.
Associate (ABIFM)
For individuals with an FM related qualification at level 3 or above and at least one year’s non-management FM experience or those with two years’ non-management FM experience.
Member (MBIFM)
For individuals with an FM related qualification at level 4 or 5 with 3 years’ general management experience which includes at least 2 years’ FM experience or those able to demonstrate 5 years’ FM experience which includes at least 3 years’ managerial experience.
Certified (CBIFM)
For individuals with a level 6 or degree level qualification (or higher) in FM or an FM-related subject; or who hold relevant Chartered status and are of management level with at least 3 years’ FM experience (including 2 years’ management experience).
Fellow (FBIFM)
For individuals who hold Certified member status and who have at least 5 years’ senior facilities management experience.

Getting the most out of the scheme

BIFM helps you implement the scheme in a way that works best for your organisation. In order to help you benefit fully from the scheme a detailed guidance pack is provided which sets out best practice and includes template documents to help launch and manage the scheme. This ensures that your organisation can get the most out of the scheme with your staff fully engaged.

Account management

A dedicated Account Manager will act as a coordinator between your organisation and BIFM, simplifying the administration of the scheme, helping to create the list of nominated team members and centralising invoicing. We are committed to providing a scheme that meets your organisation’s objectives.

How much does the scheme cost?

The cost of the scheme is dependent on the number of employees that sign up to the scheme and at which membership grade. The cost of membership is based on the current membership grade schedule of rates.*

Affiliate grade £156
Associate grade (ABIFM) £180
Member grade (MBIFM) £202
Certified grade (CBIFM)
Fellow grade (FBIFM)

*    Please note the fees might change, year to year by incremental amounts.

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