BIFM CEO to become ‘dragon’

10-07-09 12:13 BIFM

Ian Fielder, BIFM CEO, has agreed to become a Green Dragon for the day!


With the ever increasing focus on sustainability within FM, Ian has agreed to sit on the judging panel to assess ideas put forward by 10-18 year olds on how to Wipe Out Waste in their school.


Eco social networking company, Footprint Friends has invited all UK school-age students to team up and present one big WOW idea to Wipe Out Waste in their school before a green dragon’s den award ceremony.


The day will be held at the Frontline Club in Paddington, London in November and is being broadcast live online, giving all schools who have participated an opportunity to be 'in' the dragons den.


Joining Ian as green dragons on the judging panel will be the following:


-          Dr Liz Goodwin, CEO for Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP)

-          Professor Bill Mcguire, Footprint Friends Science Advisor

-          Rt. Hon. Joan Ruddock MP, Department of Energy & Climate Change

-          Casper Ter Kuile, co-director for the UK Youth Climate Coalition

-          Kecan Roberts, South coast Business Entrepreneur


The WOW idea could be referenced by energy, water, food, materials, carbon, time, money and so on.  Teams will also need to speculate how much waste would be saved if their idea was adopted nationally.


Each team will be given 5 minutes to pitch their idea to the green dragons.  The winning idea will be scoped for national implementation in all UK schools.  The winning teams and their teachers would be asked to be a part of taking their WOW idea into Production nationwide.  The winning school(s) would have a complimentary powerPerfector unit installed by the awards sponsor, enabling the school to potentially reduce their energy usage by up to 20%!

Click here to visit the Footprint Friends WOW awards webpage

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