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24-08-09 10:59 BIFM

Building owners and operators are increasingly aware of their legal duty to have air conditioning systems inspected and there is now a growing market demand for inspectors.


However, misleading information is rife. In order to ensure a high standard of inspections and to deliver good value inspection reports it is vital that the industry only employs suitably qualified, accredited and experienced inspectors, so that building operators can trust air conditioning inspection reports and get good value from them.


CIBSE recently released a joint statement with the HVCA warning potential trainees that they may not be able to be accredited to work as air conditioning inspectors after undergoing certain training courses. 


A number of training organisations are now offering air conditioning inspector training based on a proposed ABBE diploma in air conditioning inspection although this diploma has not been accredited by either the Sector Skills Council or the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) as a suitable qualification for those seeking accreditation as air conditioning inspectors. 


CIBSE CEO Stephen Matthews said: "In order to recognise, let alone suggest ways to improve the performance of the equipment used in complex air conditioning systems, you really have to have a good deal of experience. It is essential that clients can be sure that in getting an air conditioning report, they are getting something which is genuinely valuable. Air conditioning systems can use as much as 30% of the electrical demand of a building, so a poorly performing system will be wasting a large amount of energy.


"A really competent air conditioning inspector can therefore save significant amounts of energy, and money. We are very concerned that people with no experience of such systems will be persuaded to take this qualification in the expectation of future work which they will not, in fact, be competent to undertake."


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