New 'All-Inclusive' Delegate Package for Th!nkFM

New 'All-Inclusive' Delegate Package for Th!nkFM

22-03-11 11:17 BIFM

The BIFM has launched a new range of reduced price packages for the ThinkFM Conference (April 5-6th April), to help members in these challenging times.

Among the new rates is an all-inclusive two day package available (£495 + VAT, a 12% reduction on the original price) which includes the full conference package and overnight accommodation and breakfast on campus at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham, along with

• The choice to attend a range of sessions, hubs and plenaries
• Practical learning to implement in your own roles and businesses
• Networking and contact building, informally and at one to one appointments
• An evening of informal dining, networking and top class music and cabaret
• Briefing papers, guides and information from the Data Bank.

ThinkFM delegates are invited to take control of their own itinerary by choosing from a menu of topical workshops and seminars from four interactive learning Hubs:

• Tough Decisions for Tough Times
• Future Ways of Working
• Building a Sustainable Business:  Actions Not Words
• Your Career in FM

To book your place, visit telephone at 08701 632804 or email

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