What a load of rubbish

What a load of rubbish

29-03-11 14:56 BIFM

WiFM recently hosted a CPD event called ’What a load of rubbish’, covering the competences: Sustainability and Environmental Issues.

The event, held at the Barcelo Oxford Hotel saw delegates hear from speakers inlcuding:

Kate Cawley, Cawleys
Lucy Frankel, Vegware
Harry Waters, Agrivert

The aim of the presentations (which you can view below) were to inform FMs how to dispose of food waste in commercial buildings and how sustainable waste management can save time and money – how to see rubbish as a resource, not waste – it is about resource management.

After the presentations the group visited an anerobic digestion plant – which recycles biodegradable waste, generating fuel.

View the presentation slides

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