Five key points to help you with your CPD

Five key points to help you with your CPD

17-01-13 15:58 BIFM

At the turn of the year, reflecting back on what you have learned and achieved is just as important as making resolutions and looking to the future. It is also an integral part of Continuing Professional Development and so in the spirit of reflection, here are the five most important points that we covered in 2012:
1.     Networking
Helps you gain first-hand industry news and knowledge, improves your visibility in the industry, demonstrates your commitment and interest and increases the likelihood of discovering unadvertised job roles. You already have a network, so think about how those you already know might be able to help you as well as considering what new contacts you may need to get in touch with.
2.     Using Social Media
Facilitates both networking and keeping up to date with industry developments. Mainstream sites such as Twitter and Facebook are good places to start but also consider discussion boards and forums on the BIFM website.
3.     Reading
There are tools that allow professionals in to record what they read online as part of their compulsory annual hours of CPD. To do so, they answer a number of questions to test their understanding of an article. CPD Trackers highlight the importance of reading as a way of keeping up-to-date. Plus, just because you havenít been given specific questions doesnít mean you canít ask them of yourself.
4.     Create your own luck
Donít expect opportunities to drop into your lap. Richard Wisemanís research into luck has shown that successful people are habitually attuned to seeing possibilities wherever they go, and many consciously make an effort to alter what they do everyday on the off-chance that they may encounter something new. Be engaged and creative in your professional life, and doors will open.
5.     Reflective learning
Ask yourself the question: ĎWhat did I get out of this?í This does not necessarily have to refer to activities that were specifically related to CPD, but anything that you do in your working (or extra-working) life. By thinking about what you have learnt from past activities, it is possible to apply new ideas and skills to what you will be doing in the future, whilst also identifying areas of your work that you need to spend more time developing. Keep a CPD journal if it helps.
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