BIFM: Our Strategic Intent

16-10-13 10:10 BIFM

The British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) is proud to introduce our new mission, vision and values. This announcement of our strategic intent is the fruition of a successful year preparing the ground, gathering insight and focusing on developing core areas of our delivery. As part of this process we revisited our reason for being, and our ambitions for the future resulting in the Board agreeing to a new mission, vision and values in August of this year:

Our Missionour purpose

“The professional body responsible for promoting excellence in facilities management for the benefit of practitioners, the economy and society.”

Our mission reflects on the pivotal role that we hold as a professional body and our sphere of responsibility and influence, for individual professionals, business, and also for society. We are the guardians of the professional standards of a discipline that affects the productivity of industry, the fabric of society, the natural environment and the well-being of individuals.  In order for us to bring to life the very real impact that our profession has on the public and the economy, we must evidence the facts and engage with practitioners, business and society with a strong, clear, informed and independent voice.

Our Visionour aspirations

“To be the internationally recognised authoritative voice of facilities management and the development partner of choice for professionals and their organisations.”

Our aspiration is to be regarded by facilities managers, business owners and opinion formers throughout the world as being at the forefront of progressive thought within our profession.  To achieve this we must deliver trusted and independent insight and comment and develop policy that balances the interests of practitioners and society for the advancement of the facilities management profession.   

We aim to be the first choice for professionals and organisations when it comes to their own and their employees’ development respectively. We are listening to our members, the wider profession, industry and our 570+ corporate and group members to ensure we become their long term development partner. We are focussed on helping them advance their careers, professional capabilities and in increasing productivity and reducing risk for business.

We are already in discussions and welcome further input from industry and practitioners, to ensure that the market informs the shape of our future proposition. To guarantee a relevant offering that helps further business and careers both now and in the future. 

Our Valuesguiding our decisions and behaviours

“Passionate - Proud - Professional - Progressive”

All that we do is underpinned by our values, these can be applied from top to bottom and transcend our decision making, behaviours and activities to deliver these objectives. For example, as an Institute we are:

  • Passionate
    - about delivering value to our customers
    - about enabling professionals in their self-development and pursuit of excellence.
  • Proud 
    - of being an independent professional body with the responsibility of advocating and advancing the profession. 
    - of our profession’s ability to make a real impact on commerce, well-being and professional progression.
  • Professional 
    - in the way that we conduct the duties and activities of the Institute 
    - we are committed to professionalising facilities management and raising awareness of its importance and parity with other professions.
  • Progressive 
    - by ensuring that we are an agile and entrepreneurial organisation that not only responds to change efficiently but also identifies and leads change agendas
    - in challenging and driving the profession forward and excel in making real world changes.

How are we progressing this?
These statements set out who we are and where we want to be, but what does this mean in practice?  Here we explore some of the key themes that run through our work in promoting excellence in facilities management, evidencing professional facilities management’s impact on the economy and society by creating a home for professionals to develop, belong and to contribute to this impact.

Professional standards and education
We are committed to educating and developing the individuals within the profession to raise standards, professionalism and performance. We provide qualifications, training and education opportunities to aid FM professionals in their pursuit for excellence at all career levels from operational and tactical through to strategic. Our education offering is underpinned by FM professional standards to ensure consistency and relevancy.

Communities of best practice
We will focus on building and further developing our communities and network of members. Our communities provide hubs for practitioners to network within FM specialisms, in localities, in different economic disciplines, and will grow these increasingly across the globe. These communities serve to bring together a diverse range of practitioners, organisations and expertise to facilitate the exchange of insight, shared problem-solving and networking to create communities of best practice.  

Career progression
We will further develop our career progression model and pathways to support career advancement, to be inclusive without sacrificing quality, and the evidencing of the value of a qualified FM professional. 

Authoritative voice
Our aim is to establish BIFM as the authoritative voice of the profession. To provide trusted and independent insight, comment and policy that balances the interests of practitioners, the long term interests of the profession and public interest. 

To develop this position we must ensure that credible, comment, opinion and policy is developed through robust processes. Lobbying alone is not enough to influence change. To influence cultural, economic and societal change we must evidence the value our profession can make in increased productivity, performance, reduced risk and behavioural change in a more socially aware, collaborative and connected business and social world.

Whilst BIFM was one of many Institutes that struggled during the economic downturn we were able to refocus, adapt and set the platform for real growth and change that we have now, and are proud of the many achievements and developments:

  • Releasing a series of new and improved Good Practice Guides
  • Thousands of learners now studying BIFM qualifications in facilities management
  • A framework of qualifications to support professional development at any career level 
  • The growth of our membership community, now over 13,800   
  • Our growing network of Corporate and Group Members, now at over 570
  • The announcement of our first Recognised Centre in South East Asia, to deliver the BIFM qualifications
  • The celebration of exemplary facilities management at the BIFM Awards
  • We have launched our first Corporate Member event, to take place in London on 30 October, this is the first of a monthly programme of Corporate Member events. 

There will be a series of updates and further announcements over the coming months and early next year. Covering how we will adapt our processes, policies and further develop our products and services to build on our relevance on the world stage.

This sets out our strategic intent that will govern the Institute’s activities and plans going forward. We are now entering an intensive period of planning to bring these strategic ambitions to reality; thank you to all who have been involved and fed into the process.  We want to hear more of your ideas, thoughts and ambitions for facilities management and the Institute to inform our planning activities; send them in to


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