2013 BIFM Awards Correction

29-10-13 22:0 BIFM

The British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) would like to issue a correction to the list of Award winners for its annual industry awards, which were announced at the BIFM Awards Ceremony on 14 October 2013.

The ‘FM Excellence in a Major Project’ category should have been awarded to VINCI Facilities for its outstanding management of two new-build hospitals in Merseyside. An administrative error by the BIFM resulted in the winner of the ‘BIFM Board Social and Economic Impact Award’ being announced as the winner of this category.

Gareth Tancred, Chief Executive of BIFM, says: “VINCI Facilities’ management of
St Helens and Whiston Hospitals really impressed us all. The judges commented particularly on the close alignment of facilities management (FM) services to deliver extremely high levels of patient satisfaction, whilst maintaining hygiene and asset resilience. The BIFM judges visited the site twice and were met by the VINCI Facilities team, which included the client, further reinforcing that collaborative partnerships are essential to deliver results.” 

The ‘BIFM Board Social and Economic Impact Award’ has been given to COMET Advisory for its Tri-Borough FM project. This innovative and radical FM project is on course to deliver savings to the public purse of circa £100 million in three London boroughs, with the ability for the project to expand to more London authorities. This Award was established to reflect BIFM’s key priorities and themes for the future – sector demonstration of significant economic and social impact.

Gareth Tancred continued:  “COMET Advisory have delivered a groundbreaking project that demonstrates that the FM sector can really act as a transformative change agent. We congratulate COMET for this outstanding Board Award.”

Tancred continues: “I would like to congratulate VINCI and COMET on their Awards and apologise for the error in Award attribution; this was caused by our team
mis-keying a spreadsheet code reference. I would like to thank both companies for the grace and good humour they have shown over the mistake and assure all of the other Award winners and commendations that we have re-checked every entry and there are no other errors.”

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