Managing soft services in the Channel Islands

Managing soft services in the Channel Islands

08-02-16 9:21 BIFM

The BIFM Channel Islands Branch held their first event of 2016 at The Radisson Blu hotel in St Helier, Jersey, sponsored by OCS.

Channel Islandsí Deputy Chair, Niall McClure, opened the afternoon, and introduced Andrew Mortimer, Marketing Director for the OCS Group. Andrew presented a short video to outline the groups new service offering in the Channel Islands, following the very recent merger with M&E family firm, Meadowcroft Limited.

Niall was them able to introduce the main speaker for the afternoon .... The FM Guru himself, Martin Pickard! It was a privilege to have someone of Martinís professionalism and experience to address the CI membership.

Martinís topic was ímanaging soft servicesí, but he started by inviting the audience to discuss what they defined as hard and soft services. It was concluded that some services crossover between the two sides. Martin noted that íhard services require soft management as well as technical expertise. Managing soft services requires more technical expertise than people think - all service management is hardí. Itís all about the integration - working partnerships to craft great solutions. FM is a people business - praise and recognition - a phone call or handwritten note to say thank you - is a great way to motivate people.

When talking about great service management Martin spoke about setting objectives, what the needs are, what has to be done but also, adding value by considering the íwantsí, what would be the ínice to havesí? And the outcome - how to really make a difference. Martin suggested we all need to be more creative - come up with new ideas and gave us some pointers on good steps for brainstorming sessions. After setting the objectives, itís important to measure performance by agreeing critical success factors, key performance indicatorís and service level requirements.

Martin reminded delegates that successful facilities management is customer focused, professional, and makes a difference. We are not íjustí facilities managers - we are professionals!

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