Prepare; Discuss; Propose; Trade and Close

Prepare; Discuss; Propose; Trade and Close

26-02-16 8:31 BIFM

BIFM Corporate Member Helistrat Ltd hosted the February BIFM South CPD event at their Lakeside Business Park Centre in Portsmouth.

The event attracted over thirty members and their guests to listen to Tom Flatau, Team Working International, an internationally-acclaimed speaker, coach, and sales and negotiation expert talk about how to become a black belt negotiator. His five point plan under the simple headings of Prepare; Discuss; Propose; Trade and Close clearly demonstrated that unless fully prepared most negotiations fail for one or both parties.

Right at the start of his excellent presentation he showed a video of African tribesman planning to plunder a kill just made by a pride of lions. He showed how this demonstrated that an inferior team can outwit a stronger opponent by using his five point plan as long as they have a strategy and self-belief.

By explaining the development of the brain, how it has developed over the years and the functions of the left and right hand side of the brain he proved, why under pressure, the brain shuts down and triggers our fight and fight responses to take over.

By preparing thoroughly and following the process, we can build a working rapport with people we want to do business with. Through audience participation he proved how to minimise the threat response during negotiations and how to trade effectively and not concede.

He demonstrated the pitfalls of negotiation and how people focus on the wrong elements as they are keen to get straight into the ‘propose’ stage without fully preparing themselves.

His final warning was beware of ‘nibblers’! Those people who carry on negotiating once the deal has been done because they can gain extras because the other party does not want to lose the deal.

We would like to thank Helistrat for hosting this event and providing refreshments. Our thanks also go to Tom Flatau for his excellent presentation.

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