Leadership coach Tom takes the lead at BIFM South Region CPD event

01-12-16 15:20 BIFM

For their last event of 2016, BIFM South Region welcomed back Tom Flatau to a packed room of BIFM members at Lakeside Business Park in Portsmouth.

Tom, an executive coach and consultant for Teamworking International whose clients include HSBC, Qatar Airways, Unilever and the BBC, has been helping business leaders come up with innovative solutions to age-old problems for 21 years.

Tom firmly believes all training development must get transferred back to the workplace to be fully effective and began his talk, entitled ‘Unlock the Skills to be a World Class Leader’, by reminding the audience that although 92% of bosses believe they are excellent managers, 70% of employees say the worst aspect of their job is their boss!

Research shows poor leadership is often at the root of employee dissatisfaction, he explained, which can have a huge impact on productivity, creativity and in turn, company profits. Yet a great leader can give their team the desire to achieve success, inspire each individual to make the most of their talents and ultimately enhance their contribution to the core business.

He went on to explain that one of the most important concepts he had learned is the difference between the ‘fixed’ mind-set and the ‘growth’ mind-set, explaining: “It’s a little bit like nature vs nurture. People in a fixed mind-set believe they either are or aren’t good at something, based on their inherent nature because it’s just who we are. People in a growth mind-set believe anyone can be good at anything because our abilities are entirely due to our actions.”

He continued to show how the fixed mind-set can demotivate staff and how this can lead to a declining morale in the workplace. No-one likes being told what to do just because their boss says that is the best way to do it, he said. We do things best by working out how to do things our own way.

Finishing with a quote from Eisenhower, Tom said: “Leadership is about getting people to do what you want them to do, because they want to do it.” In a growth mind-set, people commit to mastering valuable skills regardless of mood, knowing passion and purpose come from doing great work, which comes from expertise and experience. A happy workplace is where we are empowered to get on and discover that our way is unique to us and we are not just slaves to the mind-set of others, he concluded.

All details of Tom’s presentation can be found here under the document section of the BIFM South webpage. South Region chairman Ian Fielder also thanked the regional sponsors Procure FM Consultancy and The Resourcing Group.

The next BIFM South event on January 25th will be a talk on using technology to drive the customer experience. It will take place at Specsavers in Whiteley and will be held in conjunction with the BIFM South’s AGM. Full details can be found here.

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