BIFM South Region Event Report: Driving Efficiency and Improving the Customer Experience using technology

02-02-17 18:42 BIFM

Following the AGM, BIFM South members were treated to a highly engaging and controversial speaker for the first meeting in the 2017 calendar. Tim Cook, Group CEO, Ngage, a specialist group of recruiting companies shared his experience from various sectors illustrating different ways organisations have used technology to improve services and saved money. He strongly maintained that in the platform era, brands who put the relationship with their customers at the centre of their business model will win over the ones who think they are the centre of their customers’ life. He articulated the value of developing and executing a comprehensive strategy that is oriented around a common, clearly communicated vision and migration path to achieve customer satisfaction using technology. He believes the reality in the digital world is that we need to shift the existing paradigm and think differently. He questioned why businesses still equip their new graduates with a company mobile  and a corporate laptop when they can access greater power and connectivity through their personal iPhone. However he sees it as a business problem NOT an IT problem. He suggested any app designed before 2010 is by definition a legacy and out of date because the first tablet was launched early in 2010, changing the way we digitally communicate. The direction of travel is easier, faster, cheaper and self-service using mobile technology but no-one likes change (except the user) and few survive it…

Tim said that companies fail to ask themselves where do they under-deliver on customers’ expectations and where do they over-deliver? Facilities Management is key to delivering to delivering what the true client wants and needs. He emphasised every industry must draw parallels with adjacent industries to learn from their direction of travel. Quoting the change in taking a taxi, Tim stressed UBER has revolutionised the way we think about travel. Tim said that to meet customer expectations we must think like a disruptor and not an incumbent. We must not defend the status quo but attack it, not fail less but fail faster and not commit to an organisation structure but minimise hierarchy.

Finalising his fascinating talk, Tim said the world of the robot is here, not a mechanical machine like in the industry automotive but robotic interfaces that automatically pick up an e-mail and action it without human intervention. He reminded everyone that we now rarely visit our local bank as we can do all our banking from our mobile phone raising the question how do we harness this technology in facilities management.

Ian Fielder, chair of South Region, thanked Tim for a fascinating talk and Specsavers for hosting the event. All details of the presentation can be found on the BIFM South webpage in the document section. Ian also thanked the regional sponsors Procore FM Consultancy, Crimson Tide and The Resourcing Group

The next BIFM South Event is a joint event with the London Region on the 15 February 2017 and is a talk on Innovative Technology in FM: Save time, money and improve customer relationships at Tower Bridge Lounge, London Bridge.

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