BIFM South Region CPD Event Report: Lifts and Vertical Movement

03-05-17 12:1 BIFM

David Long, Operations Director at lift consultancy firm Movvéo, was the guest speaker at BIFM South Region's April event hosted by EDF in Crawley.

Members enjoyed a detailed and informative presentation that covered several aspects of the important technical aspects of lifts and escalators from a duty-holder perspective, which prompted plenty of audience feedback and questions.

David detailed the statutory requirements surrounding vertical movement equipment and understanding the complexities of the duty holder’s responsibilities. He gave an overview of the lift industry and typical types of lifts including the fundamentals of hydraulic and traction solutions.

There was a focus on maintenance contracts and an understanding of what is in the market place and how the facilities manager can be in control. The speaker went on to discuss aspects of auditing maintenance contractors to ensure best value was obtained. This included the logging of visits, time on site, looking at standards of maintenance and a warning that safety inspections alone are no guarantee of standards of maintenance.

Members' discussions centred on the fact that we all know when lifts and escalators go wrong because of the disruption they cause to our users, plus shutting them down for statutory inspections can be just as difficult.

Section 3 of the Health and Safety at Work Act imposes general responsibilities, so far as reasonably practicable. As the risks for public use may be the same as when using lifts in connection with work, a similar regime of maintenance, inspection and examination required under the regulations may be entirely 'reasonably practicable' in managing the risks. In any case, insurers may impose demands for similarly stringent levels of risk management to cover public liability.

The event concluded with networking, an excellent buffet and fundraising for both the BIFM chairman's charities and the South Region's local charity. The group also thanked EDF for hosting the event and providing refreshments and the speaker for sharing his knowledge and experience.

South Region is holding two networking events in May. The first on World FM Day on 17 May, which is to hear about discreet security, surveillance and how to deal with intrusive drones.

The second is on 31 May at the University of Sussex and is a talk by Mike Packham and BIFM's new guide on Operational Readiness.

See the BIFM South web page for more details, or contact Ian Fielder by emailing

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