FMs celebrate how they enable positive experiences on #WorldFMDay

19-05-17 11:20 BIFM

FM's around the world have been showcasing the FM profession and the role it plays in 'enabling positive experiences' as part of the #WorldFMday 2017 celebrations from 15-19 May 2017.

Some examples of how BIFM, members, stakeholders and volunteers took part in this annual FM awareness raising campaign included:

  • A live 60 minute live Broadcast from BIFM’s official magazine FM World -  featuring facilities management specialists around the world and their perspectives on the global state of the facilities management sector. Listen again here
  • Behind the scenes tours of iconic castles from BIFM Channel Islands
  • A panel debate from BIFM ISIG inviting FMs from different backgrounds to share their stories of how they enable positive experiences in their FM workplaces.
  • CPD sessions, site visits and seminars from BIFM United Arab Emirates, North, South, Midlands, and Nigeria regions
  • A BIFM Webinar on Facilities Management Business Confidence Monitor 2017 results
  • A site visit at Rolls-Royce and presentation about their asset management journey from Rolls Royce
  • A case study and site visit from BIFM Scotland of St Vincent Plaza, the recent relocation project for Registers of Scotland (RoS).

The BIFM Scotland Region also produced seven case studies showcasing the FM people and initiatives improving well being, customer and client experience across NHS Grampian sites. These were part of a wide collection of World FM Day case studies submitted from FM professionals and organisations representing integrated FM suppliers, consultants and divisions around the world. These case studies showcase the many and varied ways in which FM influences the health, safety, productivity and wellbeing of people who use the built environment. They are available to download here.

There were some great examples of how BIFM members used World FM Day to celebrate the profession and its people. Some of these included: a series of short blogs from some employees at Sodexo, highlighting their experiences of working in FM which featured the role of FM in schools to showcase the importance of FM across a range of sectors.

Robertson Facilities Management embraced World FM Day by going 'Back to the Floor' with Development Director, Ben Smith working as a Grounds Maintenance Operative and Operations Director and Graeme Cameron working as a Maintenance Engineer for the day. Other Robertson FM office-based employees spent the day working as cleaners, receptionists, and community leisure attendants - as an opportunity to highlight the holistic nature of the FM sector.

Interserve Support Services issued a blog about why the customer experience should be a key driver in every business and tweeted all day from all the different accounts they serve around world.

The Wellcome Trust FM division celebrated by introducing their new department name “Buildings, Environment & Workplace” and took the opportunity to showcase to the rest of the trust the work that's involved in keep the building running as well as get colleagues' feedback on how they want their workplace to look in the future. Activities included a visit from the hawks that are used to scare pigeons away, a row-a-thon, rejuvenated nibbles and presentations about their service partners

Clugston FM team used World FM Day to engage with stakeholders and reflect on how they can continually improve and deliver an even better experiences through hosting lunches at all FM sites, running a presentation to highlight what FM services consist of and how they can make customers lives easier, issuing customer experience ‘themed’ tool box talks, uploading articles onto the Clugston intranet and website and posting awareness posters.

Thank you to everybody who has taken part in World FM day this week, through delivering or attending events physically and online and raising awareness of the profession by tweeting to #WorldFMDay. If we missed you and you have an interesting feature about your celebrations, please send a link to the Communications inbox.

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