Update to the BIFM website

19-05-17 9:30 BIFM

You may have noticed that the BIFM website looks a little different. Over the course of May and June a series of updates are being made to the site, and the biggest of which went live earlier this week with a refreshed navigation, look and feel.

As changes are applied, there may be occasions during this period when pages or elements go awry as they embed in, so here are a couple of tips:

Experiencing any problems?

If you have trouble accessing the site, it may be because your browser history has remembered, 'cached', the site from your last visit. Take these simple steps to see if this resolves the issue:

  • Step 1 - Visit the BIFM website is it displaying correctly?
  • Step 2 - If not try the following:
    1. Pressing the Control 'Ctrl' button and 'F5' at the same time.
    2. Or clear your browsing history

If you have any questions or problems in finding what you need, do let us know and we will endeavour to assist you

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