Join BIFM’s FM careers promotion with DWP

23-11-17 10:14 BIFM

BIFM is working with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) on an innovative promotional campaign to raise the profile of the facilities management industry and highlight the varied range of career options available across the sector.

The site, services and security campaign will be running from 27th November to 8th December, promoting career pathways in FM, along with training opportunities and apprenticeships. A large component of the campaign will be visible on social media with the hashtag #siteservicejobs.

BIFM will kick off the campaign on Monday 27th November, taking over the DWP Twitter account, promoting FM to their followers. BIFM encourages it’s members and the wider FM community to engage with the campaign throughout the next two weeks, highlighting job opportunities or positive news stories using the campaign hashtag.

Also as part of the campaign, BIFM will present to Jobcentre work coaches, again highlighting the FM industry and varied career opportunities, along with suggestions for gaining entry to the profession and career development pathways .

Sofie Hooper, BIFM Senior Policy Advisor commented; “This is an excellent opportunity for BIFM to gain access to a new audience and to highlight all that the FM industry has to offer. We are particularly eager to raise awareness of career options in FM, with the plethora of training opportunities now in place, including the development of our own BIFM Academy courses, and increasing the number of apprenticeship opportunities within FM.

“This activity forms part of BIFM’s wider agenda, to promote the sector, along with FM apprenticeships and career pathways, with further activity planned for 2018.”

To be part of this campaign follow @khubdwp and #siteservicejobs on Twitter.

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