Let’s make the case for value-driven FM Services: BIFM calls for evidence

19-01-18 14:14 BIFM

In the commentary around the collapse of Carillion much has been said to vilify outsourcing; but is it the villain or is it being judged through the prism of a corporate failure?

Many outsourcing firms are delivering excellent FM services driven by value not lowest cost and bringing added worth to client businesses such as access to expertise, technology, innovation and information management, delivered by hard working high-quality people.

BIFM will set up an expert group to help us understand the issues and build a cogent case for a value driven model of FM service provision.  We will use evidence and experience from our members to shape and influence the public debate; which will in turn provide insights from current events which could help in future.

In a blog published today Linda Hausmanis said: “If the FM industry can draw anything positive from this episode it should be to use it as a catalyst for change.  Let’s focus forward on what can and should be done to change or improve the way outsourcing is done.

“Members can help us to understand what is happening now which in turn will provide all members with insights from current events which could help them safeguard their futures.

“BIFM will submit formal evidence to the House of Commons (PACAC) committee Inquiry into public services delivery sourcing announced this week. I am keen to hear members views”.

Members can read the blog here and submit views and evidence at

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