Pay and Prospects Survey highlights the value of BIFM training and membership

23-01-18 11:2 BIFM

The results of the BIFM Pay and Prospects Survey 2017 have highlighted the tangible benefits that FM professionals gain from BIFM membership and qualifications.

Formerly known as the Salary Survey, the Pay and Prospects Survey is a well-established and invaluable piece of research which contributes to a better understanding of the FM industry and the outlook for FM professionals in relation to salary, job satisfaction and development. With 12 years of trend data, the survey offers a detailed insight into employment within the FM sector and helps to track evolving working conditions for FM professionals.

The latest survey, which was completed by over 500 FM professionals between October and November 2017, reveals a continued emphasis on the significance of salary levels. The industry continues to experience some fluctuation in relation to pay progression, but this is accompanied by improved prospects for promotion. Little has changed in length of service with a current employer since the survey began.

BIFM CEO, Linda Hausmanis commented; “The Pay and Prospects Survey enables us to identify the factors of most significance to FM professionals. We are learning that one of the keys to progression is professional development and networking.”

FM professionals who equip themselves with the skills and expertise to adapt to change within the industry are better able to accommodate any potential challenges which they or their employer may encounter. Our results highlight the value of a BIFM qualification, and show a link between BIFM membership or a qualification and improved career prospects.  Those with a BIFM qualification are also more likely than average to say they have gained more confidence in their role. Results also show that the BIFM membership impacts positively on career prospects, with respondents demonstrating this has increased their earning potential and enabled them to expand their professional network and gain recognition from peers.”

BIFM continues to offer its members valuable opportunities for networking, and the launch of the BIFM Academy provides further personal development opportunities for those eager to progress within the industry. BIFM aims to support FM professionals throughout their career, and to support the development of the skills which offer them a competitive advantage, and lead to enhanced business performance.

Pay and Prospects: The Findings 2017 offers a full overview of the survey, including the profile of respondents and their career pathways. We have also developed a useful infographic, offering key survey data in a more accessible form.

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