GlobalFM Awards 2018: BIFM’s three nominees

08-03-18 13:53 BIFM

The prestigious Global FM Awards is fast approaching and BIFM has been overwhelmed by the amount of high quality entries to be nominated. The Global FM Association are a globally renowned body that are a benchmark for excellence in FM across the globe, and as a prominent member of Global FM, BIFM have selected a number of standout FM professionals and organisations ready to be offered before the judges.

The Global FM awards are dedicated to bringing in to the limelight the “best of the best” within the FM world; providing a worldwide stage and global recognition for its nominees and winners. Past recipients of awards have demonstrated the value of innovation and/or improvement in the industry and the community, to the highest of professional levels, with all entries being judged on applicants’ display of innovation, advancement of FM, corporate outcomes, contribution to FM on a global scale, and leadership in FM operations.

This year, BIFM has had an extremely talented array of potential candidates from the 2017 BIFM Awards shortlist to choose from for nomination and, after much debate, have confidently proposed three outstanding entries for this year’s Global FM Awards.

Andrew Smart: Leader of the Year 2017 Winner
Over the past 30 years, Andrew’s growth in the FM industry has escalated much like the industry itself: upwards and beyond. With leadership roles in some of the most prolific FM companies such as Cushman & Wakefield, CBRE, Macro and Sodexo, Andrew has spent the last 15 years at the height of these organisations, instructing, educating and leading revolutionary solutions and initiatives, whilst also playing a crucial role in the FM side of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Andrew has been an outspoken and active vessel of information at BIFM, featuring as a BIFM Awards judge three times previously, and is a renowned industry speaker and leader. This year, BIFM have recognised Andrew’s outstanding contribution to the advancements of FM through innovative and efficient direction in the work place. Andrew’s leadership and commercial relentlessness has also seen him organically grow and dramatically transform organisations, as displayed by his close involvement to the 2012 London Olympic Games, where he designed and facilitated FM across all the key venues.

Speaking at last year’s BIFM Awards, lead judge Joanna Lloyd-Davies commended Andrew for his “focus on developing people and talent within his organisation.” His understanding of FM’s direction in the coming decade, his displays of leadership and his considerable depth of knowledge of the sector, saw the panel judges award him with the highly regarded Leader of the Year trophy.

See Andrew Smart’s winning interview at BIFM Awards 2017 here.

Johnson & Johnson: Impact on Employee Experience 2017 Winner
The BIFM Impact on Employee Experience award is dedicated to those able to expertly execute work-environment and employee services strategies through unique and successful initiatives. To be considered for this award, a focussed dedication towards the physical environment for employees and the way they can collaborate, socialise and manage their health is an absolute must. American manufacturers Johnson & Johnson (J&J) achieved exactly that, implementing their 2020 Workplace Experience Strategy (2020 WES) with tremendous success. The strategy began in 2015 and is dedicated to J&J’s 130,000 employees across over 800 international workplaces.

The initiative provides three workplace standard tools for FM teams and stakeholders: A Workplace Experience Guide (WEG) containing online interactive frameworks for all workplace aspects; Community Spaces Strategy designed to optimise on-site amenities, such as fitness and restaurants; and Workplace Certification, aimed at rating the workplace experience according to seven factors in line with the WEG.

It is not surprising that, as recipients of Fortune’s Most Admired Company 2017 award, BIFM have placed high esteem in nominating J&J for the 2018 GlobalFM awards ceremony, with their innovative model for FM and employee benefit being highly praised. Lead judge Martin Pickard described the scale, effort and sustained success of the initiative as outstandingly ambitious and a “world class example of the diligent and structured application of FM practise across a global portfolio.”

See Johnson & Johnson’s winning interview at BIFM Awards 2017 here.

JLL: New Product or Service of the Year 2017 Finalist
As finalists in BIFM’s New Product or Service of the Year category, JLL’s contribution to Facilities Management has been exemplary and significant. Through their refined and contemporary Small Works Solution (SWS) for EMEA, JLL provided a suitable and demonstrably effective model in the management of small construction projects in multiple national and international regions. Devising a service whereby JLL were able to streamline the operational requirements for building projects under one roof, the solution is able to provide small contractors with single points of reference, a cemented management from project conception to handover, a standardised approach across all contractors, and client understanding.

Along with the added securities with regards to JLL assuming all risk responsibilities and offering a transparent, open-book financial approach, the scheme has allowed autonomy, freedom and creativity to foster among smaller local construction companies, coupled with a sense of security.

BIFM has praised and elected JLL for the GlobalFM awards based on their innovative efforts in establishing the SWS in such a successful way that the approach has been adopted in 21 countries; the solution’s ability to place tremendous value in small projects; as well as the solution’s ability to generate over $77m from small and/or undervalued projects.

Lead judge Lucy Jeynes has described the Small Works Solution as providing clarity and practical evidence as a “business case for offering an integrated small works service in a market where delivery is fragmented across many providers … [demonstrating] both cost and efficiency savings.“

‘Achieve Ambitious’ campaign by JLL, 2017

With World FM Day 2018 and this year’s theme of ‘Enabling Positive Experiences’ right around the corner on 16 May, BIFM have a host of engaging and interactive activities on offer in celebration of Facilities Management professionals and organisations. With a welcome pack available, BIFM can offer a variety of approaches to making the most out of World FM Day – in particular the ‘Hidden FM Hero’ initiative, where via video submission, FM professionals and organisations can showcase themselves as a Hidden Hero for their organisations and place themselves under the BIFM spotlight at the height of the industry.

The announcement for the winners and finalists of the Global FM 2018 Awards will be made by BIFM on 16 May for World FM Day, in line with celebrating the wonderful achievements of the Facilities Management industry and all its workforce.

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