Access the latest supplier and contract handover guidance for FMs

11-04-18 16:30 BIFM

The British Institute of Facilities Management’s Procurement Special Interest Group (SIG) has today published a Guidance Note which provides facilities management professionals with a clear and concise outline for how a new contract arrangement, providing goods, services or works can be suitably implemented in collaboration with a successful Contractor.

Good contract management takes time and effort, and adequate resources must therefore be assigned to its delivery. For long-term Contracts, transferring significantly high risks to a Contractor, there may need to be a formal Contract management process to implement and follow, which can involve scheduled reporting to the Client’s representative on the exact nature of the delivery occurring, along with any adverse risk and issues arising.

It is vital for the Client to assign a suitably trained and experienced facilities manager or commercial manager to deliver contract management, and as such BIFM is eager that relevant FMs seek to familiarise themselves with the latest guidance.

Chris Jeffers, BIFM Procurement SIG chair commented: “The cost of resources required to manage a major contract has been estimated at 3% of the contract value, but this can increase to as high as 10 % for more complex Contracts.

“If Contract handover has been successfully delivered, the certainty of later strategic gains will have been significantly increased. Our Guidance Note seeks to support successful supplier and contract handover, whether small or larger scale projects, and enable FMs to demonstrate measurable outcomes.”

> Download your copy of the Guidance Note on Supplier and Contract Handover here.

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