Take control of your risk management

03-05-18 10:38 BIFM

“Controlled risk taking is at the heart of all commercial activities,” so says Dave Cooke, Chair of BIFM’s Business Risk and Continuity SIG, who is behind the latest Good Practice Guide to Risk Management.

“All organisations face internal and external factors and influences that make it uncertain whether they will achieve their objectives, and the effect this uncertainty has on an organisation’s objectives is risk. Managing risk effectively is one of the keys to an organisation’s success,” continues Cooke.

Taking steps to identify and manage risk offers organisations more control and makes it more likely that their desired outcomes or objectives will be achieved.

BIFM’s Good Practice Guide offers clear and transferable guidance for FMs seeking to effectively identify and manage risk within any organisation, including informed support on the risk management process, a thorough risk management framework, as well as templates and recommended sources of further information.

Setting out in detail the process for development and implementation of a suitable risk management strategy, the document also offers support in exploring threats and opportunities.

> BIFM Members can access this Good Practice Guide here.

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