BIFM Insight helps Government recognise the role of workplace in smart public service delivery

26-07-18 13:45 BIFM

Government is the latest ‘megabrand’ to recognise the role of workplace in promoting better business outcomes.  Not alone in recognising the workplace digital revolution alongside pressure to provide value for money; it is transforming the way it uses its estate.

Stressing the importance of a sustainable, flexible and modern estate which promotes smarter working and facilitates the delivery of more efficient public services, the Government Estate’s ‘transformative five-year plan’ reflects the evolution and growing prominence of workplace.  BIFM’s own research and data helped to inform the strategy, especially the area of skills and workforce planning.

The wide-ranging plan includes measures such as releasing land to help the housing shortage crisis, upskilling its workforce and overhauling its contract management standards.  This increased focus on residential will also be reflected in other government strategies and activities for FM.

Key themes of the strategy are:

  • Driving growth and opportunity: creating excellent public services, releasing more land for housing and rebalancing the economy
  • Supporting a brilliant civil service: strengthening expertise and creating great places to work
  • Delivering value: through better asset management and improved data and sustainability

The Government Property Profession which incorporates disciplines from FM to planning and development, will be at the hub of these developments, ensuring that relevant expertise informs policy and decision making at the most senior government level.

With an encouraging ambition to become a global leader in Smarter Working practice, the Government is well placed to influence the wider public and private sector.  A Smarter Working programme will span all functions including leadership, technology, people and workspace design. BIFM aims to support these developments where appropriate and has recently met with the new Chief Property Officer at the Cabinet Office.

Recognising the growing interest in workplace as a driver of performance, BIFM plans to reposition the Institute and FM, emphasising its ability to make a real contribution to organisational success. Following a successful membership vote, BIFM will change its name to the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management in November, read more about this here.

Read the Government Estate Strategy in full here

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