What does social value mean? BIFM Leaderís Forum shapes the debate

31-07-18 10:0 BIFM

What does social value mean to the FM sector now? This was a key point of a discussion at the BIFM Leadersí Forum hosted by ENGIE earlier this month and summarised in a BIFM Discussion Paper published today.

FM companies are increasingly being asked by clients to deliver social value as part of their contractual performance. Equally, they have their own genuine desire to operate as modern, socially conscious businesses.

The Forum, which brings together leading managers and practitioners from across the sector, explored the FM sectorís understanding of social value, its evolution and how its effectiveness can be measured.† Jamie Quinn of sponsors ENGIE explained ďI think there is a changing emphasis around the role of business Ė the role of leaders is to look beyond just what the share price is of an organisation. †In the world we live in, thereís greater scrutiny and greater transparency around the authenticity of a companyís approach to social value.

ďAt the moment, thereís no clear path to get there. We need to get some metrics in place that help us define what our relationship is with society. What is that relationship in terms of jobs that we create, in terms of environmental improvement that we can have, in terms of technological solutions that we can deliver? Itís that broader impact and that fundamental question of our relationship with society that is very important.Ē

Download the FM Leadersí Forum Discussion Paper here to read the debate in full, as we seek to advance thinking and move the sector forward on this highly topical subject.

Need to know how? BIFMís Procurement Conference on 11 September will provide further opportunities to engage the key issues raised in this Paper. Designed to provide a balanced view of best practice from Supplier and FMís perspectives, it promises a stimulating and engaging day of insight. Tickets start at £75.00 and can be booked online here.

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