Building Information Modelling (BIM) Challenges and Opportunities for FM

14-08-18 12:19 BIFM

BIFM’s recent Leaders’ Forum offered an opportunity for key figures across the FM sector to discuss the adoption of Business Information Modelling (BIM); getting people and information working together effectively and efficiently through defined processes and technology.

This successful Forum brought together discussion from senior FM leaders across a range of high profile organisations. The resulting publication, Senior Management Perspectives on BIM, is an insightful Discussion Paper which highlights challenges and offers practical solutions for further embedding BIM processes across the sector.

What is abundantly clear following the discussion, is that the FM sector has yet to get to grips with BIM and realise its full potential, unlike the construction sector which has embedded it far deeper in its processes.

There are multiple reasons for this, and FM has yet to fulfil the fully-fledged, mission critical role that it should be playing in the management of building information within BIM projects; too often not prepared with detailed information requirements, not part of initial design teams, and thus not positioned to provide input to architects and contractors.

The Discussion Paper makes a case for how the sector can overcome its challenges relating to BIM and harness the growth of the Internet of Things, further embedding these processes.

Commenting on the Leaders’ Forum and the resulting publication, Andy Hamer, Enterprise Sales Director at Invicara commented; “It was fascinating to get a view from FM leadership on the disconnect between those who design and construct buildings and those who operate and maintain them. When we talk to our FM clients, we hear a common theme: to get buy in from their leadership, it’s critical to map out a plan to successfully implement a BIM-FM initiative. This report identifies key priorities for leadership so that FM professionals can make this happen.

“We see a clear roadmap for BIM-FM initiatives: the disjoint between capital projects and operations needs to be overcome, FMs need to make a stronger business case for implementing BIM, and lastly, FMs need to work to earn a seat at the table during the planning phase for capital projects.

“Our discussions, and the resulting publication, demonstrate the opportunities we have as a sector and how FMs can overcome the challenges to help their organisations move towards digital transformation of design, construction, and operations.”

Learn more and read the full Discussion Paper here

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