New Green Paper on social housing: BIFM to support moves to improve safety and raise standards

15-08-18 17:9 BIFM

As part of the Government’s focus on social housing following the Grenfell tragedy, a new Green Paper - A new deal for social housing - examines steps to improve safety, quality and fairness for the 4 million UK households living in social housing.

Proposals in the paper include a review of the current regulatory framework and giving residents greater powers to hold landlords to account. Other measures cover speeding up the resolution of complaints and concerns, especially about safety and standards, and publishing landlord ratings on key performance indicators such as building safety and maintenance.

BIFM will be contributing to this consultation as it relates to our work on the new function of the Building Safety Manager, as set out by Dame Judith Hackitt’s Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety. This role is likely to include responsibility for the fire safety strategy of buildings - including in social housing Higher Risk Residential Buildings - an important element of which will be resident engagement.

The Green Paper incorporates other recommendations made in the Hackitt report, including that residents should be proactively given information about building safety and have the right to access detailed safety information, such as fire risk assessments, as part of their landlord’s resident engagement strategy. Dame Judith’s report also states that residents have an important role to play in identifying and reporting issues that may impact on the building’s safety and in meeting their obligations, including co-operating with crucial safety-related works, to ensure their own safety and that of their neighbours. The consultation is therefore seeking views on how residents can best be supported in working with landlords to ensure their homes are safe.

BIFM will engage in the consultation with the members of its Life Safety Working Group within the context of the Hackitt report. The Group is working with the wider industry, in particular on developing the competency framework for the Building Safety Manager.

For further background read about BIFM’s response to the Hackitt report and our work on developing a new certified accreditation for FMs in charge of life safety in buildings.

If you have any views on this new item or the provision of FM services to the residential housing sector, please email:

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