Transitioning from BIFM to IWFM

26-09-18 15:20 BIFM


Becoming IWFM.

Later this autumn we will change our name to the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM), rebranding the Institute and working toward chartered body status.  

We’ve been working behind the scenes to transition to IWFM since members voted for the name change at the AGM in July.

There is much to do.  As well as developing new areas of interest and partnerships that will deliver improved member benefits and help the profession realise its value, we’re busy improving our systems and processes to help us to offer a more efficient service and a better experience to you as a customer.  

What is changing and when?

The first key change will happen on Monday 12 November. On this day, our present name, the British Institute of Facilities Management, will be replaced on the register of companies by our new name, the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management.  

During this day the new Institute comes alive and the date marks the official and legal border between the old and the new body.

We won’t look much different right away - for a few days we’ll still look like BIFM on the outside.  But we’ll have switched to our new internal wiring, and in our legal and financial transactions - to avoid any doubt about who you are dealing with - you might notice the words “The British Institute of Facilities Management [BIFM] is the trading name of the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management [IWFM]”  

The further transition to the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management will take place across this week, culminating in the launch of our new brand and new website the following Monday, 19 November.  On this date you will most definitely see a difference because it's when we will reveal our new look and will have transitioned to IWFM.  

Over the weeks that follow we’ll move across our key products and services to the IWFM brand.  We’ll take some time over this because we want to allow our partners and suppliers enough time to adjust, as well as ensure we spend money wisely; but during the transition period we’ll make sure we’re on hand to answer queries and help you find what you need.  

Becoming a modern professional body

We will be making improvements to our online service as we go, streamlining processes as we integrate our new website further with our customer database systems.  One significant change we’re making is that we’ll no longer print and issue our members with a renewal pack and a plastic membership card. Instead, we’ll enable you to access everything you need online, wherever you are, simplifying things for our members and customers and contributing to a sustainable future.

This is a hugely exciting time not only for the Institute but for an entire profession, as we embrace change, strive for advancement and support the future direction of the industry.

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