Quality Management and Customer Services

  • To embed a quality management approach into the development and delivery of a customer service-orientated facilities management function.
  • To identify key stakeholders and to build, manage and maintain relationships both internally and externally in order to continually improve on services delivered and encourage innovation.

FM functional area components:

Customer Service

  • To embed a customer-centric culture by developing, implementing and reviewing strategies to improve customer service engagement and build relationships.
  • To motivate, engage and empower staff to optimise opportunities to enhance relationships and improve customer satisfaction both internally and externally across an organisation.
  • To gather data, analyse and present findings in support of a programme of continual improvement.

Stakeholder Relationships

  • To employ a range of techniques to ensure relationships with stakeholders contribute in a positive way towards meeting targets.
  • To develop, build and maintain productive relationships with stakeholders, consult on key issues and activities, manage complex negotiations and understand the wider context that affects these relationships.
  • To monitor and review the effectiveness of the relationships with stakeholders.

Quality Management

  • To embed a culture of quality in the delivery of facilities management services by implementing the following quality management principles: customer focused, demonstrate leadership, involve key stakeholders, review processes and systems, integrate a programme of continual improvement, gather data and facts to inform decision making and develop beneficial relationships.
CAREER LEVEL Customer Service Stakeholder Relationships Quality Management
STRATEGIC Leads the development of a customer-centric facilities management service/organisation Creates and evaluates relationships with stakeholders, negotiating and resolving conflict Embeds a culture of quality into organisational processes
SENIOR Develops, implements and evaluates a facilities management customer service strategy Influences and enhances relationships with stakeholders for mutual benefit Develops a quality-driven strategy for the delivery of facilities services
MANAGER Evaluates performance against customers' quality requirements Develops and manages productive relationships with stakeholders Manages and evaluates operational performance to achieve quality standards and encourage continuous improvement
SUPERVISORY Supervises the delivery of a customer-centric facilities management service Maintains productive working relationships with colleagues and customers Applies the quality management principles to the delivery of facilities services
SUPPORT Meets agreed standards in carrying out facilities management tasks Maintains productive working relationships with colleagues and/or customers Meets agreed quality standards in their area of work

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