As an Employer

A Model of Competence

This model of competence helps put the FM Professional Standards in context, for practitioners and employers alike.

Competences can be used to create management and personal development tools for human resources (HR) and as performance drivers.

Drivers to Performance

There are three drivers to performance: targets and objectives, technical competences (which are also known as professional standards and functional competences) and behavioural competencies. The diagram of the pyramid explains the relationship between these.

Targets and Objectives

These are agreed at performance appraisals and state the quantified annual expectations of staff. These will probably change every year and will include how to maintain the organisation's good practice and achieve certain professional standards.

Technical Competences

The technical competences (these relate to BIFM’s FM Professional Standards) describe what people do in their jobs and the standards they should maintain continuously.

Behavioural Competencies

The behavioural competencies underlie the technical competences and describe what kind of a person someone is – or more likely, what kind of a person they should aspire to being. By developing relevant behavioural competencies, someone should be better able to achieve the requirements of the technical competences. Definitions of behavioural competencies also emphasise the culture of the organisation in stating explicitly its values and expected behaviours.

HR Cycle

Standards sit at the heart of the human resources (HR) cycle as shown in the diagram below:

HR standards

By describing what an organisation expects of its staff, FM Professional Standards (technical competences) can be used for many different purposes such as:

> recruitment and selection

> appraisal

> training needs analysis

> training syllabus design

> career management

> succession planning

… and many more specific applications within each part of the HR cycle.

The FM Professional Standards provide a framework upon which to base HR cycle processes in your organisation.


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