Introduction to Facilities Management

Online course - Introduction to Facilities Management

Is it for you?

If you're new to facilities management or looking for a career change, the on-line Introduction to Facilities Management course is a perfect induction to the key skills required in the FM sector. The course covers key skills highlighted by employers in the FM sector and complements the new Facilities Management Supervisor apprenticeship standard (level 3). It is also aligned to the BIFM Professional Standards, which the competency framework for the facilities management industry.

The course provides a flexible training solution that fits around your lifestyle without the need to travel or time constraints.

What will you learn?

The Introduction to Facilities Management (FM) online course will take you through the core aspects of FM.

Beginning by placing facilities management in context - who the FM professionals are, what they deliver, how FM fits in to an organisation and who the customers are -† through to the basics of budgeting, SLAs and identifying and managing risk.

The course also covers team management and, how to identify what your customers expect from facilities management, underpinned by guidance on communication and tips to develop better relationships with your team and your customers.

An overview of compliance is provided, with explanations of what aspects you will need to adhere to and how to go about assessing those aspects.

Guidance is given on skills and competences you will require to build a successful career in FM (and identifying those transferable skills you already have) and what kind of people become FM professionals - giving you an understanding of what you will need to begin and continue your career development and progression as a facilities management professional.

This course will provide any burgeoning facilities management professional a solid foundation to embark on a successful and continued facilities management career.

Learning techniques within this course

  • Profiling and case studies
  • Interactive exercises
  • Add your contribution and see what other learners have to say
  • Real world documentation to provide genuine examples
  • Points of reflection

How long is it for?

  • Equivalent to 6 CPD hours
  • Access granted for 120 days from purchase

Course content


  • what FM is
  • what an FM professional does
  • the key roles and responsibilities of an FM professional
  • who employs FM professionals
  • how FM fits into the structure of an organisation
  • who the customers for an FM professional are
  • how FM is delivered
  • how FM adds value


  • how to manage a budget
  • how to use a service level agreement (SLA)
  • how to work with KPIs
  • how to identify risk (from a non-H&S perspective)
  • how to manage risk

Managing a team:

  • the different team members and their roles
  • the different team dynamics and stages of team development
  • how to delegate
  • how to set the right tasks for the right people in a team


  • what customers expect from FM
  • how to measure customer satisfaction
  • how to create better relationships with customers and stakeholders
  • how to be a successful communicator
  • how to use different methods of communication appropriately


  • why health and safety is important
  • who is responsible for workplace health and safety
  • the health and safety legislation you need to follow
  • what a health and safety policy is
  • how to perform a risk assessment
  • the wider compliance issues on CSR, environment and sustainability
  • some of the other areas of compliance
  • why it's important to remain compliant

FM as a career:

  • the skills and competencies an FM professional needs
  • the transferable skills you can bring to your role as an FM
  • how to be a good problem-solver
  • who can become an FM
  • the opportunities available for career development and progression in FM
  • how BIFM can help you


Member - £155+VAT

Non-member - £195+VAT

Online course - Introduction to Facilities Management